striking contemporary

Over 300 sqm open lobby

High-end organic materials

Natural italian stone

3.75 metres interior ceilings

Premium finishings

Contemporary accesories

Generous lobby

With an exquisite feminine allure, yet a robust, male dimension, WIDA redefines luxury. The construction is a vivid reminder of the grandiose Russian architecture, mixed with the exquisite European Palais. The generous lobby carries the high-end feeling throughout the entire building, giving a highly perceptible sense of polished luxury.

High ceilings

The mix of premium natural materials adds an organic feel, blending in with the golden sands and the incredible blues of the sea. Everything breaths peace and serenity, for a long-lasting feeling of a noble home. The light & high ceilings come into play, making everything come together in shades of white, beige & bronze.

Outdoor space

The generous outdoor space of each apartment is the final piece turning WIDA into an everlasting personal oasis by the Romanian Black Sea.

Exclusive Location

WIDA’s premium location grants you access to the best attractions Mamaia has to offer, in a quiet and more private area of Mamaia.

436A, Mamaia Blvd. (next to Iaki)  ⋄  E: info@wida‑mamaia.ro  ⋄  T: +4 0732.347.347

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E: info@wida‑mamaia.ro  ⋄  T: +4 0732.347.347